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    Reset coming: Is PVP worth it?

    Diablo 3 bores my shoes off and coincidentally I was wondering if d2 was getting a reset soon and yes it will next week

    I was just wondering how is the PVP scene (Europe)? Is it dead? I hardly see any posts here.

    Last time I played the pvp scene was full of flash hackers... did they correct this? Whats up anyone?

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    Re: Reset coming: Is PVP worth it?

    PvP on EU is still very active but all high end PvP is on non ladder. You don't see many posts here because most people post on another forum I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link/advertise for here. Log on to bnet and socialize a little bit, you'll find out in no time...

    Flash hack has not been fixed.


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