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    Mirror mimics mini guide

    Hello guys.
    So, because im super bored with diablo 3, but still trying to have fun with it, i tried some stuff with mirror mimics skill and it's not that boring as the game itself.
    As the description says, illusions do 10% damage. Obviously, this fact is useless and give players almost nothing (like many other skills/items in Diablo 3).
    But, with that damage come side effects of spells illusions do cast (for some unkown reason, they cast like 50% from the wizard spell pool, balance issues perhaps?). Just pick mirror mimics, frost nova, and wave of force with stun - enemies will have hard time while trying to come close. Teleport rune for wave of force leads to even more fun (also, it works with shielded enemies).
    Sadly, illusions can't use channeling spells, but note this screenshot pls, if you try hard, you can teach them cast desintegrate oO.
    Edit: they can actually cast sleet storm while moving, use it for mass slow, hehe.

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    Re: Mirror mimics mini guide

    That's pretty interesting, I'll have to mess around with that. Mimics seem like a skill that could be legitimately useful with some minor tweaks. Increasing damage and better AI would be a solid start.


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