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    Random 2013 MP Consolidation Thread.

    Hey guys, I wanted to get a thread started for everyone to post up their preferred play days and times, so we can have a message board, instead of waiting around for everyone to be together at one time.

    So, I'll start it off. I rolled a Pally, with Vengeance and Conviction. I would prefer our play sessions to fall between Tuesday and Saturday evenings (GMT -5.) These are the nights my wife works, so I have more freedom. Sundays are mostly off-limits (as we have family day) but, she usually ends up napping for most of it, so I might be able to sneak on. So, maybe we need a cool table?

                                 [-----------------Earliest Start Time (GMT)-----------------]
    Forum Name     Character     Sun      Mon      Tue      Wed      Thu      Fri      Sat    
    logoutzero     Paladin       No       No       10PM     10PM     10PM     10PM     10PM
    Remember, just copy the text in the code blocks to Notepad (or any other true-type editor) use spaces, and paste it back into your response.

    I figured this will help us get organized quicker than Hamachi, and also allow anyone who isn't on the network a chance to jump in.

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    Re: Random 2013 MP Consolidation Thread.

    I'll play with you! My times seem to be about the same as yours.

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    Re: Random 2013 MP Consolidation Thread.

    I think we all forgot to post in this thread.

    Currently unmotivated but maybe I'll do try a run with you guys after you die or guardian


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