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    Improving Inferno Build Selection

    Hi, All.

    I've been playing a Barbarian since release back in May 15, 2012. I've played through the game, and beat all of inferno softcore, and part of it in hardcore. I for one, am not amused that Blizzard intends to nerf WOTB to the ground. I can understand their motives behind it with Thrive in Chaos, and an unlimited WOTB (which is hard to achieve in practice). Personally, instead of nerfing the whole WW/RLTW spec, that they should instead buff up other skills so that other builds would work. One, that I've attempted doing provides higher paper dps, but lower effective dps than WW/RLTW spec. My spec, is best against single targets or elites, whereas WW/RLTW is best against normal mobs. So, I thought I'd make a post here (got banned on D3 Forums back in November when the game was under Jay's Rule) as I can't anymore for the real forums... now that the real forums are actually starting to become useful... more the pity, but oh well, can't be helped.

    Since most builds fail due to not being as efficient as WW/RLTW, other skills have to be heavily buffed in order to bring them up to par. You could nerf WOTB, but really all that would do is make the Barb as sucky as the rest of the classes, and not improve them in anyway. I assure you... WW/RLTW is not a fun spec. It gets quite dull after a while. Some change would be nice.

    So, without further ado, skill changes:

    1) Seismic Slam [An ability that I saw a LV 52 Barb use once, and have never seen anyone use since]
    240% Weapon Damage in an 120 degree arc that knockbacks 45 yds long. 30 Fury Cost (Original)
    400% Weapon Damage in an 180 degree arc that knockbakcs 45 yds long. 30 Fury Cost (New)
    -> Compared to Rend, HOTA or WW, this skill is fairly useless. A large damage boost is needed to bring it up to par with the other abilities, considering its HIGH fury cost.
    Shattered Ground = 288% Weapon Damage and 90 yd knockback distance (Original)
    Shattered Ground = 500% Weapon Damage and 90 yd Knockback Distance (New)
    Cracked Rift = 340% Weapon Damage along a 42 yds. Knockback (Original)
    Cracked Rift = 650% Weapon Damage along a 42 yds. Knockback (New)

    2) Ground Stomp / Leap
    -> Reduce cooldown to 5 seconds so that it can be used more often. These abilities don't need to be changed, its just that with limited skill slots, having such a long cooldown is prohibitive.

    3) Ancient Spear
    -> Reduce cooldown to 5 seconds so that it can be used more often. This is a great ability in concept, but due to it only being useful against a single enemy once every 10 seconds, can make it a waste of a slot.

    4) Revenge
    -> Increase Proc chance to 25%. This again is a great ability in concept, but without higher proc rates, its better to go with other skills.
    -> Provocation Rune = Increase proc chance to 50%. This rune makes this skill a viable option to other "necessary skills".

    5) Furious Charge
    -> Reduce cooldown to 5 seconds so that it can be used more often.

    6) Overpower
    -> Reduce cooldown to 5 seconds so that it can be used more often.

    7) Weapon Throw
    -> Compared to other fury spenders, this one isn't very good. So...:
    Increase Weapon Damage to 200% from 130%
    Increase Slow Effect of 60% for 2 seconds.. to 60% for 4 seconds

    8) Threatening Shout
    -> Reduce cooldown to 5 seconds. A lot of its abilities only last for 5 seconds anyway, and would allow someone to tank effectively.
    -> Demoralize Rune = Make Taunt last the full duration of Threatening Shout

    9) Battle Rage
    -> In order to convince people to use this skill, but not use Into the Fray Rune, I'd suggest these changes:
    Marauder's Rage = +50% Damage increase
    Ferocity = Battle Rage remains active indefinitely, until turned off manually, switching skills or you die.
    Swords to Ploughshares = On Crit, have an additional 50% chance to drop additional health globes or items

    10) War Cry
    -> I see players using one of two runes = Impunity or Invigorate. So, to make the others viable as well:
    Hardened Wrath = 50% Increase in Armor
    Charge = 40 Fury Gained AND Increases fury generation by 20% while the War Cry is Active
    Veteran's Warning = 25% Increased Dodge

    11) Earthquake
    -> Great concept... but when compared to Wrath of the Berserker, there is no comparison. So to buff it up to par, to be a viable option:
    Cooldown down from 120s to 60s (60 Seconds)
    Chilling Earth = Deals Cold damage, and causes targets caught initially to be frozen solid for the duration of the effect, similiar to frozen balls released by Frozen affix.
    The Mountain's Call = Reduce cooldown by 30 seconds (stacks with boon of bul-kathos to have no cooldown). Fury Cost remains the same, to prevent spamming when combined with Boon of Bul-Kathos.

    12) Call of the Ancients
    -> Great concept... but again compared to WOTB there is no comparison. So, to buff it up to par:
    Cooldown down from 120s to 90s (90 Seconds)
    Fighters last for 30 seconds
    Each Deals 125% Weapon Damage per Swing
    The Council Rises = Each Deals 175% Weapon Damage per Swing and has 100% more armor
    Duty to the Clan = Fighters last for 60 seconds

    13) Wrath of the Beserker
    -> In general this is a really good ability. However, to encourage users to use other runes instead of Thrive on Chaos, I'd buff them as follows:
    Arreat's Wail = Knockback all nearby enemies within 8 yds and deal 1000% weapon damage to them (remember this is a one hit ability).
    Insanity = Increase damage by 50% and Critical Chance by 10%

    Now... for Changed Passives:

    1) Pound of Flesh
    -> Increase to 50% chance to find globes (25% original)
    -> Heal 200% HP per globe (100% original)
    -> This will make this a viable defensive ability for defensive play styles.

    2) Berserker Rage
    -> Increase damage by 100% at Maximum Fury.
    -> Why so high? Think about it... you have to remain at Max Fury to get it, so you can't use any fury spenders in order to keep this bonus.

    3) Tough as Nails:
    -> In addition to current abilities, while using this ability 25% of thorns damage dealt heals you for that damage dealt.
    -> So if you have 2000 Thorns damage, by using this ability, you gain 500 HP every time you deal 2000 thorns damage.
    -> This will make thorns damage useful to barbarians.

    4) Juggernaut:
    -> Duration of control impairing effects is reduced by 75%. Why so high? Most barbarians take WOTB to avoid loss of control of their characters. By buffing this passive, it may encourage players to choose a different skill.
    -> Chance to recover 15% maximum life when you are hit with stun/freeze/immobilize

    With these changes, it should unlock several different builds for characters that may be just as or more efficient than WW/RLTW spec.


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    Re: Improving Inferno Build Selection

    I think alot of your changes would be very useful.
    I myself use seismic slam all the time and with the rune that lowers its cost I can destroy hoards of mosters at once.
    In fact I can clear a bunch of those scorpions with about 2 slams as opposed to ww , although ww is made for that situation I feel safer sitting back slamming if there is a unique or mega boss pack nearby.
    Ground stomp can also be used to stun for several seconds on a boss pack as i sit back and slam from a safe distance.
    A friend of mine also uses call of the ancients and such and gets by ok.
    the changes you suggest those kinds of builds will happen more if those were put it place, (i'd love the seismic buff)
    As well someone mentioned that the fear spell should not work against a fearless barbarian and that would only be common sense!

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    Re: Improving Inferno Build Selection

    The big thing with making the changes is so that people will feel like they have options other than WW/RLTW spec. Currently its the most time efficient spec. If other skills were buffed up, then people may decide to try out these underused, but useful skills. In some cases, I'm sure you could argue that the changes are OP... but to make people want to use them, they must feel like they will be marginally better or a lot better off than WW/RLTW spec. This wouldn't be a problem if we had a WoW like interface where we could put all our skills onto a skillbar. But this isn't the case, and as such we only have 4 numbers, and 2 Mouse Buttons to make the best use of our skills selection. I do hope that they make a lot of these changes, or I really think no one is going to stop using WW/RLTW spec.

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    Re: Improving Inferno Build Selection

    The other thing with adding these changes is that it unlocks builds that aren't reliant on CC, CD, or IAS? If you go for a TANK build, you will be more focused on absorbing damage, keeping enemy focus, slowing/stunning enemies and less on damage. Having high CC or CD won't be necessary for you. Instead you'll want to stack Vitality, Armor, Resistance, and Strength, as well as maybe chance to stun or something like that.

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    Re: Improving Inferno Build Selection

    Not only that, but it also makes a lot of items that drop currently useful again, and remove some of the glaring Itemization issues in the game. Since you won't be doing much damage, Life Steal won't be very useful to you. Instead you'll want to stack Life on Hit and Life Regeneration. So for weapons and armor that dont have crit, but have HIGH LOH or HIGH Life Regen, these gears suddenly become useful again.

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    Re: Improving Inferno Build Selection

    Sorry for the triple post... the edit system isn't working for atm.


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