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Thread: won khim lao

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    won khim lao

    Deciding between two of them. One has 23%+ damage to lightning skills and 2.2% lifesteal and the other has 20%+ damage to lightning skills and 2.7% lifesteal, which one is better? are those percentage points of lightning damage better?

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    Re: won khim lao

    They do make a difference of course, yes. It really depends on the skills you're using though.

    Personally I would probably go with the higher life steal one though, assuming they were the same price.

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    Re: won khim lao

    if it's your only source of life steal then yes go with the higher ls one, if not then dual ls weapons is good enough. depending on your dps, one ls weapon may not be enough, so try to get loh somewhere else like the amulet or unity ring. remember ls is penalized by 80% in inferno, 2.7% ls gets reduced to 0.54% ls. you can multiply your dps by the ls after penalty to get a sense of how much life you are gaining per second.

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    Re: won khim lao

    DPS is also important, I would go with the higher DPS and LS.

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    Re: won khim lao

    Are the only skills that get a boost from WKL FoT and SW - Cyclone? I didn't see any other skills that had Lightning damage in their description. WotHF - Hands of Lightning and LTK - Hand of Ytar look like they should, but there is no indication of lightning damage in their descriptions.


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