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Thread: MF and 1.0.8

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    MF and 1.0.8

    It's been a while since I've played, but I have the itch again. Looking at the PTR notes it seems they are trying to buff the multiplayer experience by granting players additional MF for grouping and allowing the MF cap to grow. Does this mean they are no longer penalizing players by averaging out MF amongst the group? If not then I think this will do wonders for grouping. If they still penalize you, then unless the players are paragon equal is there any reason to group when your MF will be lower because of it?

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    Re: MF and 1.0.8

    MF and GF stopped being shared among players a long time ago.

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    Re: MF and 1.0.8

    The cap for MF is still 300%. They are allowing Fortune Shrines to go above the cap now. Monster Power bonuses and NV bonuses to MF still go above the cap as well. The new bonuses from players in your game also go above the cap as well. So, yes, grouping is to your advantage, especially if you're not max Paragon Level, since you'll gain very significant benefits to MF. Glad to see that you're back, BTW, Chaboi!

    Sorry again that I couldn't help last night, but definitely feel free to bug me whenever if you want to play, especially post 1.0.8.

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    Re: MF and 1.0.8

    I think the averaging of MF in groups stopped in 1.0.3 already. Maybe before. It's really been a long time.


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