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    SupDoc Saturdaily

    Ohai, thought I'd start one of these like the old days, it might be fun to hang around while I'm playing again.

    RL: Just finished work a short while ago. Another lame nightshift. I haven't had a drink in five days. That's something I'm trying to do now, it was either that or give up smoking, which I'm not ready to do. At least I still have the sex and drugs and rock and roll Things are going well with the girl I like, or at least at well as they can when you're a doofus like me. I wish she knew the effect she had on me Not looking forward to pulling overtime to pay for my summer holiday, and now my favourite comedian has just announced a tour that I have to buy front row seats for immediately. And I want to re-watch The Wire from the start. That's about it for now...

    D2: Continuing my untwinked Sorc after a restart. Flatmate has his kid for the weekend so no questing for my untwinked LF-Zon that found Titan's and Valkyrie's in the same NM Baal drop.

    OVG: Some PoE to see if the bug that's been affecting me has gone, and maybe some Skyrim.

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    Re: SupDoc Saturdaily

    RL: Briony has gone off in a tantrum, so I'm just ignoring her texts until she calms down. Nothing really planned for today.

    D2: Perhaps...

    OVG: I'm probably going to play Sacred, or Uplink.

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    Re: SupDoc Saturdaily

    Hey FE! Good to see you're not keeping away from the rock'n'roll!
    RL: Recovering from night shift yesterday...3 nights to go. Haven't had much time the last few months for the SPF (me sorry!) with all the work and the time it takes to get to my working place (2 hours)...the little one needs some attention, too :-) She's adorable! I could hug her all day, but she wouldn't let me, because she wants to swing all the time at the playground...

    D2: Was suckered into joining the Random tournament 2013...another character that probably won't be finished before 2020...

    OVG: HoMM VI...not so much fun as HoMM III, but at least I can play it and watch my little one simultaneously, which can be hard with games like Diablo...

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    Re: SupDoc Saturdaily

    Titans and valks in same drop u say? now that's something.

    RL: Gonna go out and grill, with my girl, for the first time this year. The sun is blasting assets over her in Sweden so I'm gonna get a bit of booze aswell. Good times! I've also considered re-watching The Wire... HBO are so good at character-casting tailor made roles for otherwise not so known actors.

    D2: No, probably need another year on the hiatus to get the itch back. That sweet itch.

    OVG: Gonna fire up WC3 and play a custom map called Castle Wars.. too bad died, now I have to play against the computer :(

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    Re: SupDoc Saturdaily

    RL: Didn't do much today.

    D2: rolled myself a completely random skilled Assassin. I have control over her items though.

    OVG: nope.


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