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    Matriarch Celes. 1.09 Burizazon

    Hey SP-fans! I think it's time to introduce one of my first matriarch named Celes, the burizon! (aka RobbyD's glitched GA-amazon!)

    She was my first character in this amazing patch. (1.09d) Since i heard about the GA-glitch i began to play it. It's really fun and have given me much pleasure.




    Strength: 130 (110)
    Dexterity: 230 (168)
    Vitality: 207 (187)
    Energy 18 (15)

    GuidedArrow-damage: 1125-2411

    FreezingArrow-damage: 1339-2395

    Lem @ HF, Hell.
    Some grailers.

    Garmund, level 80, act5-Barbarian.

    Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest
    Death Mask
    Defense: 107
    Durability: 19 of 20
    Required Strength: 55
    Required Level: 66
    Item Version: Expansion
    Item Level: 90
    Fingerprint: 0x680c44a7
    +60 to Life
    +30 to Mana
    +45 Defense
    All Resistances +15
    10% Life stolen per hit
    10% Mana stolen per hit
    Duriel's Shell
    Defense: 634
    Durability: 44 of 150
    Required Strength: 65
    Required Level: 41
    Item Version: Expansion
    Item Level: 90
    Fingerprint: 0x96d579b4
    +15 to Strength
    +162% Enhanced Defense
    Fire Resist +20%
    Lightning Resist +20%
    Cold Resist +50%
    Poison Resist +20%
    +100 Maximum Durability
    Cannot Be Frozen
    +100 to Defense (1.25 per Character Level)
    +80 to Life (1 per Character Level)
    Cruel Champion Sword of Quickness
    One-Hand Damage: 113 to 249
    Two-Hand Damage: 326 to 380
    Durability: 40 of 40
    Required Dexterity: 103
    Required Strength: 163
    Required Level: 58
    Sword Class - Fastest Attack Speed
    Item Version: Expansion
    Item Level: 30
    Fingerprint: 0x4f4f34e1
    +353% Enhanced Damage
    40% Increased Attack Speed
    -25% Target Defense
    Socketed (3: 3 used) <-- Craaazy cube-reciepe! 


    What's now? Well i'm ghonna make a light-sorceress to do plenty of countness-runs. That's my goal for now!
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    Re: Matriarch Celes. 1.09 Burizazon

    Nice.. Brings back old noob memories from my childhood. I remember being disgusted by 1.10 when I leveled a zon and discovered that there was something wrong with GA... I avoided it for years until in adulthood, upon returning from a 5 year hiatus, I just simply never made a bowazon again.

    Would like to see the merc in action with that sweet sword!

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    Re: Matriarch Celes. 1.09 Burizazon

    Gratz on teh UbAr BuriZon!

    What are your plans with her? Pop a Tal's 3-piece on her and she's an awesome MFer. I found mine to be a good Cow runner using FA (get you a Raven Frost for extended freeze time).

    Interesting use for that CCSoQ (2 Ruby Jewels in it?), but I don't think that does it service - I'd suggest making you a Frenzy or WW Barb - you know the Masteries bug gives a Barb 100% CS with that class of weapon, right?

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    Re: Matriarch Celes. 1.09 Burizazon

    Congrats on the Buriza. She was one of my first ever mats/pats and I used her extensively for MFing.

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    Re: Matriarch Celes. 1.09 Burizazon

    Thanks guys!

    @ RobbyD. I forgot to add the gothic plate with 4 p topaz in. I have a ww-barb allready, level 64. The mainskill with him is WW. I tried the sword with him sometimes, it's really nice.

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    Re: Matriarch Celes. 1.09 Burizazon

    I remember when these were called "burritos" back in the day. I can surely vouch for the 3 piece Tal's setup. It was really fun running Lightning Fury for mobs, and then switching to the Buriza with GA for bosses. Baal falls to this setup in a heartbeat, even in a full game! Congrats!


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