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Thread: Best Thursdaily

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    Best Thursdaily

    Well, I know that this is an early thurdaily and that technically the events I talk about did happen wednesday, but i deemed it worth posting,

    RL: Started out the day (again, technically, yesterday) by doing research for my final project this year - and had the breakthrough I've been looking for the last couple of weeks. A couple of hours later I got a call and was told that I've finally got a part time job - and an awesome one. It's at a large Danish bank/insurance/credit company, and it seems like i'll have some great colleagues, one of them being a great friend of mine. Oh, and both Barca and Real lost their semis - to two german teams <3

    D2: tried to convince pyro to play. No luck. Finally nulio and I decided to do a couple of SC baals to lvl my to be-pvp pala. In the second run, this (warning: some non-forum approved language) cherry on top of a great day happened. I'm sure nulio will be around to brag/post actual drop screenie/read out soon enough.

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    Re: Best Thursdaily

    (and this is how you post a picture )

    You are officially a lucky charm!

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    Re: Best Thursdaily

    Wow it was from baal? anyway, the life and mana after enemy kill is best, so it's not worth keeping I think.

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    Re: Best Thursdaily

    Congrats on the DW! And starting the new job! Sounds like a great day.

    RL: Just woke up. It's ANZAC day, to remember those who fought, suffered or died for our country through wars, battles and peacekeeping missions.

    D2: Last week (or the week before?) I decided to twink a tourney character. I doubt I'll actually play any D2, but if I do, it'll be to semi-rush her.

    OVG: ???.

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    Re: Best Thursdaily

    RL: Uncle had a fall yesterday. I was planning on going over today. It would have been my aunt's 101st birthday. Amazing to think she died in 2001; didn't seem that long ago. He seems ok but he's of the "Don't say anything" school. Once in a meeting with one of his specialists (he had three at one point: heart, kidney and a blood one) a few years ago, they asked him how he was. "Fine." I pointed out that "you told me you had difficulty breathing, your legs were playing up and sometimes you had a few chest pains." He replied "Yes, but apart from that I'm alright." The doctors' face was a picture. Welcome to my life, I thought. That's why my relatives aren't allowed out on their own. Then there was one of the A&E (ER) trips "Do you want any painkillers", a nurse asks. "I've had some." "Yes but do you want any?" "I've had some." "Yes, but do you want any more." Sigh.

    Tomorrow I need to get two cats to the vet, show my bank my driving licence so I can use online banking, get cat litter, see someone in the afternoon and then pop over to my uncle. Yep that sounds like a great day for someone who doesn't want to leave the house. /sarcasm

    And may I finish this with the most recent episode in A&E/ER; this time with my dad not my uncle.

    He'd been having difficulty breathing, couldn't speak so my sister rang 999. Luckily they were quiet - dad got oxygen and I got a cup of tea. During the consultation with a couple of doctors the conversation went like this ...
    Dr "Did your wife ever say you had sleep apnea?"
    Dad "She's been gone seven years"
    Doctor "Yes but when she was alive, did she say anything?"
    Dad "Well it's normal at my age!"
    Doctor looks a bit stunned by this information.
    Dad continues "I've always had a nap in the afternoon"
    My sister and I decide he'll freak out if we explain and tell the Doctor "She was a nurse, she'd have said something if he did.". Quietly I question that assessment, but leave it be.

    D2: Nope. See above.

    City of Titans - Smashed the goal - More info here

    "Retail made me learn to despise humanity and welcome the apocalypse. Still waiting world."
    - Kellic Youdontneedmylastname

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    Re: Best Thursdaily

    Now that it is actually Thursday *pokes Freddy in the ribs* - bloody social sciences - I can daily.

    RL: Ill again, yey me.

    D2: Probably get Fordyl to 95, and some pit runs with Redemptio.

    OVG: Battle of Britain possibly.

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    IncGamers Member Cyrax's Avatar
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    Re: Best Thursdaily

    Congratz Freddy!

    RL: Life sucks. And i suck even more. Dead tired all day from going to bed too late and not sleeping well while in said bed. Then at the end of the working day i finally got the opportunity to talk to this girl i've been wanting to make conversation with. Because she's looking at her phone i'm getting doubts whether or not to engage in conversation as i might disturb her. And once i decide i should just do it and see how she'll react, the moment is gone. Sigh. I hate myself. I really do. Now i can only hope there's a second chance somewhere (and that i don't chicken out again), but most of the time that sorta thing doesn't happen.

    D2: Don't know. I want to, but i'm not sure if i should while being this tired. And first i'll have to see if i can keep myself awake after dinner. Feels like sleeping on the couch is in my near future.

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    Re: Best Thursdaily

    RL: Substantial Economic Effect.

    D2: Maybe

    OVG: nope.


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