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    Re: D3 after one year

    Quote Originally Posted by sneakytails View Post
    I partly agree with you on the Barbarian Golbez2, the barbarian is definitely a very powerful character, I just rolled one to 60 and it was the fastest 60 for me so far. There is nothing wrong with that powerful barbarian however. In Diablo 2, I never expected my spearazon to tear through the mobs like a well geared sorceress or strafezon. There was never complete parity between the classes and especially the different builds. Certain classes/builds will always have their strengths and weaknesses. My spearie might suck for boss runs or clearing the pits but she rocked hardcore with her valkyrie, decoy and weapon switch for the dangerous stuff!

    It takes all kinds to make a diablo game.

    In diablo 3 the DH is awesome for low MP clearing, I can go pretty dang fast, way faster than my brothers monk. The real problem is higher MP levels.

    I think the key to some of this is the gear and itemization. Once we get different paths to certain attainable breakpoints things will get a lot better.

    I used to love tweaking and twinking gear in d2 via the sockets with runes, jewels and gems. Charms were also a bit hit for me. Being able to get some resist all charms for my sheildless character was sweet and pretty much required. If I would have had to rely on resist all on just gear I would have went insane years ago.

    More choices in gear and WAYS TO GET IT are needed.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Barb needs to be nerfed, I'm saying it was designed the way other classes should have been designed. The other four classes just don't hold a candle to the synergy a barb has.

    Think about flexibility, a cheap IK belt, a passive is already 6% LS, that avoids so many itemization issues other classes cannot. This is one of the reasons why it is so cheap to gear a Barb for high MP play than it is to gear other classes. Now look at what Barbs can do, immunity to CC, has passives that fit best with current trends in D3, crit/crithit dmg passives while holding mace/axe in mainhand, they have really fast run speeds due to WoTB being up full time, there is just literally no downsides to Barb, hell, they even have one of the best dots in the game in Rend, no witchdoctor dots are as good as that.

    Class balance will never be fixed until the other four classes achieve the same level of synergy, this goes well beyond just changing weapon dmg %'s lower or higher. I don't think Blizzard understands that, the MP system just exposed how bad non-barbs classes were made, I think this class system design is the worst yet.

    We have a game right now where crit %, Crit hit dmg, LS is pretty much the entire game, Barb just excels the most when you add the additional lifesteal and other flexibility.

    I don't want to see Blizzard half-*** it and start nerfing, I want to see them bring other classes up to par through creative means that offer the same level of synergy. Unfortunately, Blizzard is going to cop-out and do the barebones minimum by nerfing like they always do, the only difference, these guys running the D3 show are clueless as hell.

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    Re: D3 after one year

    You know, barbarian IS the class that can take ALOT of beating before dying, whereas WD, Wiz or DH will die easily, but have the advantage of kiting, or in case of WDs, minions. Range classes shouldn't be able to take alot of beating. I doubt nobody wants to be as dull as hammerdins were or have that broken block system.

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    Re: D3 after one year

    Good luck trying to kite on MP 10 though. Besides, kiting cannot be called an advantage in a game where speed is of the essence. It's much faster to mow down everything without having to watch your step in the process, which is what the Barb excels at. Other chars can be made to do it (except DH on higher MPs perhaps), but it costs 10x as much. Which is why unless you own at least hundreds of millions you should just make a Barb...


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