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    Re: Nurse Kitteh Wednesdaily

    Quote Originally Posted by Fast Eddie View Post
    RL: Day off today. Nothing out of the ordinary. New flatmate is settling in OK, though she's too floaty for my tastes. Making plans for my EuroTrip over the summer. Recently started reading again so may make time for that later, and also scheduled a phone call with the girl I like for later.

    D2: The chars I'm playing with my flatmate are so much fun I've restarted a standard BlizzSorc and am fiercely pushing her through A2 Norm, slow going when untwinked. I forgot how much I love GoMule, RWM and RuneWord Wizard.

    OVG: Been playing some PoE but I've encountered a bug which halts my progression. Very off-putting as I was getting quite into the game. Also been playing some Nation Red, and still not coming anywhere near my previous high scores.
    RWW? Never heard of that one before. Curious!

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    Re: Nurse Kitteh Wednesdaily

    Quote Originally Posted by GooberGrape View Post
    If you're worried, stick some TP scrolls in your belt. If/when things go south, pop a scroll and the ancients instantly vanish. Some may consider that cheese, but I say it's in the code so it's fair game.
    Yeah, I'm not really worried about being unable to get a TP off to re-set. And I agree, fair game. I'm TP'ing on Cursed/Fanat/Might and maybe Extra Strong.

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    Re: Nurse Kitteh Wednesdaily


    RL: worked. I also saw a doctor about some problems I've been having and they expect I probably have hypoglycemia. Not really a huge deal, just need to watch what I eat a bit more. It's kinda like the opposite of diabetes, but with mane similar symptoms. It's still possible I have diabetes, but they think the possibility of that is low.


    OVG: PoE of course. Did some mfing and will probably try to level my flicker strike duelist later.

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    Re: Nurse Kitteh Wednesdaily

    TP is my last belt slot - and most often replaced.

    That can be taken so many ways.


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