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    need gearing help

    i have 200million gold to spend on my demon hunter from scratch but have no idea what gear Ishould go for

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    Re: need gearing help

    Quote Originally Posted by lukek View Post
    i have 200million gold to spend on my demon hunter from scratch but have no idea what gear Ishould go for
    The standard setup:

    cc cd res amulet
    nat armor
    nat boots
    nat ring of just gosu rares/uniques if u nn the 130 dext boost
    innas pants, because i like the stats and frw
    innas belt for the 2set bonus
    dead mans legacy
    Manticore with 2 socks fill it with 2 90 cd gems. those 100% cost ALOT.
    Gloves, bracers and shoulders you should craft i believe.

    U could take nat ring instead of nat boots and go for ice climbers. I find that the 7% cc 2 set bonus is just to irresistable to not use. Plus nat armor is like basicly the only option.

    Dont know what build u gonna do. But if u have 200 mils to spend... I would invest all of it in the bow and from then slowly start adding good gear. Maybe save like 20 m for other gear and usr 180 for a crazy damage manticore and the 2 gems.

    Damage all starts with the manticore. U better start with a godly one then start with a crappy one.

    maybe u dont even want to play manticore but godly rare or other legendary item.. its up to you. But manticore's are hard to beat haha.

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    Re: need gearing help

    other weapon options:
    2-hand bow - Windforce
    1-hand xbow - Calamity (can dual another 1-hand xbow or use shield)

    other gear options:
    belt - Witching Hour
    Chest & Pants - Blackthorne set (good set for eHP)
    ring - Cold SOJ

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    Re: need gearing help

    I wouldn't buy a thing you should save the money and start your own character play through the game to 60 andthen see what you need.

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    Re: need gearing help

    DO NOT buy windforce! I make first 45 paragon levels with this bow (a very good one - 1300 dps + crazy dex), but when I finally changed to mantricore it took me 2-3 mp lvls up. Windforce works wonderful as mercenary weapon though. Why I used windforce at all? Yeah - I had 3m but not 200m. That´s it.

    General suggestions: You need to balance between defense and dps.
    Defense: 4k armor, 500 lowest resist and 33k vita is absolutely the MINIMUM you need.

    1. The bow is the very basis. Mantricore gives highest average damage (not dps) and it makes it to the best bow in the game.
    2. IAS - you should get enough for 2 till 2.20 attack per second with Mantricore.
    3. Chance to crit - about 50% (more is better)
    4. Crit damage - best ratio between crit chance and crit damage is 1:9. With chance 50% you should go for 450 + crit damage.
    5. Dex - your primary state, both offensive and defensive. Your minimum is 2500 (it is pleyable) but you should aim for 3000 or even more. Dex 3000 gives you 50% chance to dodge attacks.

    For specific suggestions googel: demon hunter + gear + popular

    Natalya´s ring gives 9 IAS and together wit another set part gives set bonus 7% crit chance. Whitching hour is a baby but you have not enough gold for a good one. IK gloves with good dex 10% crit, and some pretty crit damage should be in 10m class. Andariels hat is another suggestion. You look for one with 5-10% more fire damage taken. Not more than this. Lacuni prowlers with good dex and vita is another classical solution.

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    Re: need gearing help

    Andys visage is a far cheaper option than a mempos and for your budget a 1mil andys will give you more DPS than any mempos you can afford

    the AS and CD off a Witching hour far out weights the innas set bonus too

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    Re: need gearing help

    If you need help with a build or weapons you can add me i have some old gear for give away and for sale, calamitys and manticores
    so forth, you can have them just add me.


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