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    Re: Guardian LongSky - Two Handed Polearm/Spear zealot

    Congrats on the Guardian. Nice combination - would love to try HC MP, but I have no idea how my connection would handle it. Last time I tried, I had quite a lot of dropouts (the old, unstable router was no good for HC MP.)
    Either way, glad you enjoyed him, and well done on another Guardian!

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    Re: Guardian LongSky - Two Handed Polearm/Spear zealot

    I'm still interested in it, if there is a group. There seemed to be a lot of trouble with coordination due to time zone differences.

    I have a very similar character in SC SP, but he uses Reaper's while the Merc uses Obedience. His armour is Lionheart instead of COH, but his name is better: CoolDevice.

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    Re: Guardian LongSky - Two Handed Polearm/Spear zealot

    There is no currently running group, get hamaichi installed and join a network! We MP at all kinds of random times now that we have an easy way to message eachother.
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