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    Re: More discussion about ladder reset.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnmaster View Post
    What's the damage output of the DDESS you're aiming for?
    What backup attack skill will you be using for those lightning imuuns?
    Will you be using primairily the shock attack from the auras, or a melee attack to kill?
    Either Zeal or nrmal attack in Bear form!

    20p in Lightning Mastery adds a HUGE amount of dmg. Lightning immunes will be killed with the help from a merc, and possibly Frozen Orb.

    20p Light Mastery
    20p Warmth
    20p Telekinesis
    10-15p Energy shield (Depends on how many +skills I can get)
    Rest in FO!

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    Re: More discussion about ladder reset.

    Manaburners always made short work of my ES Sorcs. With a Dreamer the problem is even more pronounced since you have to get close to the mobs. I don't recall if I ever got around to making that high-defense Guardian Angel Dream Sorc I dreamed about. You'd forego ES and FO in favor of Enchant and FM... Then use an up'd GA + Defiance merc (+ maybe Cold Armor) for some godly defense (15k+) and go max block. I don't remember precisely what the hiccup was... Perhaps it was before respecs and I simply didn't have the patience to level another char. You'd also need a nice jewel in the GA to make it work (-15% req/15@res ideally), and some nice res/life charms.

    Edit: Hmm now I'm tempted to make a Sorc first and respec to try this later... Dammit, it's always like this: you always want to make yet another char in D2 to test some theoretical gear/skill combo, and before you know it, those 'modest few hours' a week you meant to play have ballooned into a full 60 hour / week bonanza. Not sure if this counts as a bad side or good... Probably both (depending on your life situation).


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