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    Need suggestions on a route please

    So I have a tank rend barb that is only p level 6 and in self found gear until 1 mil gold also so its pretty bad act 3 mp0 inferno is kind of a challenge so im debaiting if im better doing act 1 mp 1 or staying on act 1 mp 0

    also whats the best route to take in act 1?

    well after just testing out some act 1 mp 1 its way too slow I guess im stuck with mp0 for a bit more so what do you guys recommend for a farming route?

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    Re: Need suggestions on a route please

    I usually go cathedral lvl 3 for the 1 elite, then i go defiled crypts x3. then for a change i try to find the keywarden for that off-chance of a key. Then i finish with festering woods. obviously halls of agony also contains good trash and elites and might be worth running but i dont like it. with the 5 NV stacks you might want drag the run out for the exp.


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