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    I miss this forum.......

    Why is it dying?

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    Re: I miss this forum.......

    There's just nothing really new or exciting going on in the game to bring people here every day, I don't think. Most of the discussion/active topics are about what changes should be made to the game and what's wrong with the game and wishlists for the game. Nothing really applauding how it is now or talking about best spots to get X,Y,Z, etc. It's just...stagnant while we wait and wait and wait.

    I think maybe if the Expansion changes EVERYTHING then you'll see a big surge in activity, but with these small patches, I don't think they're bringing anyone back. Just simply keeping those who are still playing moving along.

    Also, pretty sure this topic should be moved.

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    Re: I miss this forum.......

    D2 forums are still rather busy, its the nature of the game of D3 that makes the D3 part of the forum.. irrelevant to some extent.


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