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    Thumbs up [WTS]62-63 Unid Legendaries, Pay in-game Gold

    Hi everyone,
    We're selling Unid legendary Items (62-63) for in-game gold, check it out:
    Unid Legendary Items:
    Lacuni Prowlers - 5000K
    Stone of Jordan - 5000K
    Chantodo's Will - 6500K
    Calamity - 5500K
    Ice Climbers - 11500K
    Echoing Fury - 13000K
    Mempo of Twilight - 45000K
    The Witching Hour - 20000K
    Immortal King's Eternal Reign - 18000K
    Natalya's Reflection - 21000K
    Please note, you're going to pay for these by in-game gold.
    For even more items or our Current Stock info, please refer to XXXXXX
    Thank you everyone!

    Edit By spiffymcbang: please do not post outside links you your pages. Feel free to trade here but please do not redirect.

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    Re: [WTS]62-63 Unid Legendaries, Pay in-game Gold

    take all lacuni, SOJ, chanto will, EF, mempo, WH, nat ring Upil#6817

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    Re: [WTS]62-63 Unid Legendaries, Pay in-game Gold

    Do you have any more mempo?

    Let me know Luskan#1945

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