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    [1.13d FAM FTS SC] ISO: Rare/Crafted Maiden/Ceremonial/Matriarachal Javelins

    Trader Profile

    I'm curious to know if anyone has a pair of Maiden/Ceremonial/Matriarchal Javelins with the following properties:

    - Replenish quantity
    - 30 or 40 increased attack speed
    - 4-5 to javelin/amazon skills - any combination allowed; +2 ama/+2 javelin, +1 ama/+3 javelin, +4 javelin, +2 ama/+3 javelin etc.

    I'm aware my trader profile is outdated and as such if someone actually pops up with these javelins I will make sure to update it/post a new one before I do any bidding/attempt any trading.
    Feel free to send me a PM if I have failed to reply to your post/offer as I do not check the SPTF very often and this thread might get buried.
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