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    Modding help : Add data to the game

    Hi there,
    i want to mod a few simple (i think so ) things into hellifre ,most important a lot of basic items i created in my mind for the loot , maybe ,if possible ,few extra spells (till now i was only able to change some of the more useless spells into new ones with using a modmaker editor,you know the spellbook is not extendable). i have a hex editor , and attached is a pic of what editors and viewers i got. i tried to get into it all but all ive reached so far is to read all files out of any ressource packages ,with help of the editors change some files ,but i got no clue how i would ADD something to the code /gamedata. Someone a good advice?
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    Re: Modding help : Add data to the game

    Inside my modding tools there's a couple tutorials, nothing great though (no spells etc) but inside DarkModNotes there's a lot of raw data on where certain data is stored and what changes are needed to be made. Now this is so far from a how to or tutorial step by step but with enough staring at hex code and baby steps until you get it, it's possible to alter quite a bit in Hellfire.

    Hope that helps a bit.


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