Forum Name: dutes
Date: 5th April 2013
Versions Played: 1.13d
Mod Status: RWM/RRM
HC/SC Status: SC only

Other Information: I use GoMule, but not ATMA. I have HF Rushed in the past but no longer have the capacity to do so on my new computer. All old stashes were lost and I have started from scratch, so although I no longer am able to I have no problem with those who HF rush (not sure if it's still needed, I haven't played since 1.11 and I hear that runes are much more common now).
I have no problem with people who hotmule Gheed's although I haven't done so myself.
No problem with "time travellers" (I long to get my hands on 1.09 Ravenclaw again for twinking!).

Probation Period Status: Probation