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    Trade Profile - Divxman - Probation

    Forum Name: Divxman
    Date: April 4th 2013
    Versions Played: 1.09 all the way to 1.13d
    Mod Status: 1.13d permanent(Until next patch OFC). RWM+Atma
    HC/SC Status: Softcore.
    Other Information: I use Runeword Mod and Atma in 1.13D.
    I wish to play with people who use the same patch as me, use RWM & ATMA, and use no ''advantage trick'' possible, or known as ''cheesing'', I wish not to trade with any exploiters, and I wish not to trade with time traveling players! thank you
    Probation Period Status:

    A quick-get-to-know me: I ladder raced to 99 during patch 1.09 or 1.10(whatever patch 2007 was in, (im very bad with memory+dates) US-WEST, as a Barb hitting 99 5th place over all, and first place on the Barb ladder. Key point here is, I never used a bot, never had someone else played on my account, just me, and pure legit. After this I moved to Single player, and realized it's IMO a flawless game and been stuck in single player ever since really
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