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Thread: Super 8

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    Re: Super 8

    I wouldn't make a plan about a character mix in advance.

    I would suggest to write each character class on a piece of paper and a joker on the eighth piece,. Everyabody will have to play that chat, the joker means free choice. Or you simply let everybody choose freely, but in secret. Before forming the party the chars are leveled up to 18 or so in secret and in separate, perhaps with limiting yourself to act 1 which should not take too long at /players 8, so you already made a couple of decisions.
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    Re: Super 8

    imo it depends on what you want.

    If your goal is to grind as efficiently as possible you should probably go w at least one barb (warcries) and likely 2, 3 or even 4 paladins (a smiter and 3 hammerdins e.i.). And a sorc for tele as long as u cant afford an enigma. The last 2-3 chars could be pretty much anything, though a curse necro comes to mind..
    (imo palys are very cost efficient, especially hammerdins and smiters, hammerdins being the aoe-dmg and smiters being the stun-and-kill-the-boss dmg)

    If your goal simply is to have fun and enjoy the game, you should all be able to pick freely.
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    Re: Super 8

    Well, their only interest seems to be ubers, the rest is just plain old fun.


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