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    Re: pic: when Chris Wilson met Jay Wilson

    Quote Originally Posted by Golbez2 View Post
    I know this isn't a valid comparison, everytime I look at twitch streams, more people are viewing PoE than D3.
    Encouraging me to go look at twitch:
    2800 D3 viewers
    500 PoE viewers

    It probably doesn't say much about anything. It fluctuates too much on twitch depending on what is going on at any specific moment.
    As well as geographical differences. Maybe this says something about Diablo being more "popular on twitch" in Europe than PoE, and the other way around in US. Who knows.

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    Re: pic: when Chris Wilson met Jay Wilson

    Quote Originally Posted by kestegs View Post
    Cool pic, it's nice to see people getting along with each other even though they're in competition.
    I agree.

    Also, my girlfriend started playing D3. Which in turn forced me to play the game. And the funny thing is i had alot of fun playing it.

    D3 is actually a good/fun game. I think after the initial heart break, the hate, the denial and some time away playing POE it made me understand what D3 is. And i had a blast playing it.

    Its just a crappy when compared to D2, they should have just called it something else and balanced the DPS. Its a great arcade style game. And i find myself enjoying the game

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    Re: pic: when Chris Wilson met Jay Wilson

    Quote Originally Posted by raveharu View Post
    lol@ shirt. GGG is really shameless about advertising their crappy d2clone, living under the shadow of D3.
    You're not banned yet?

    And I'd rather have a crappy D2 clone than just a plain old crappy game like D3.

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    Re: pic: when Chris Wilson met Jay Wilson

    It never ceases to astound me how quickly people judge a person's character before ever meeting them.

    I say - "Good for them!" - I'm sure they've both learned things from each other's products - whether what to do, or what not to do, and how fans reacted to their choices.

    Nothing wrong with being proud of your product and sporting your colors. It's funny, because I never hear anybody complain when a pro sports player is wearing their team's colors off the court/field/arena/etc.

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    Re: pic: when Chris Wilson met Jay Wilson

    I met Chris like 2 years ago, when they were first debuting PoE and got to play the way, way pre-alpha version... and I'd have had no idea that was him. I remembered he was fairly tall, but the goatee changes him entirely. Plus you can't hear the accent via photograph.

    Also, re: the shirts... can someone start a rumor that Jay's working on WoW? Or some secret WoW sequel? After all, if they're both wearing shirts for their video game projects, and we know Jay's not on D3 anymore, but is Game Director for something unannounced....
    The Diablo 1, 2, & 3 Wiki! (Under construction.)

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    Re: pic: when Chris Wilson met Jay Wilson

    Would've love to be there for their discussion. They should do a podcast, lol


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