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    [WTS] Diablo 3 Unid legendaries

    Unid Legendary Items:
    Lacuni Prowlers - 5000K
    Stone of Jordan - 5000K
    Chantodo's Will - 7000K
    Calamity - 6000K
    Ice Climbers - 9000K
    Echoing Fury - 12000K
    Mempo of Twilight - 42000K
    The Witching Hour - 28000K
    Immortal King's Eternal Reign - 18000K
    Natalya's Reflection - 20000K

    Free Powerleveling Services:
    Level 1-60
    Limited Paragon Leveling 1-100

    Gold is legally Obtained, Items are legally farmed, Powerleveling is done by hand-playing of a human being, we're open to your checkup anytime.

    To purchase, please go to
    If you have any further question, feel free to shoot me a PM or contact our 24/7 LiveChat on
    a place for all Diablo 3 players
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    Re: [WTS] Diablo 3 Unid legendaries

    ice climbers 12000K
    Natalya's Reflection - 22500K now


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