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    account locked after moving?

    I have moved to a new flat, launched d3 and got "your account has been locked" and an email from saying this:

    Due to an unusual change in your access pattern, the account ......... has been locked. This can be caused by logging in from a new location, but it may also signal an attempt to compromise your account.

    If you have registered for SMS Protect, you can unlock your account by selecting "Can't log in," then selecting "I'm currently locked out of my account," and following the steps provided. If you have not registered for SMS Protect, or if you feel that your account's security is at risk, please follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Secure Your Computer

    Ensure that your computer is free from any malicious programs, as a password change alone may not deter future attacks. Visit our Account Security website to learn how to protect your computer from unauthorized access.

    Step 2: Secure Your Email Account

    Choose a new password for your email account and review your email for any filters or rules you did not create. For more information on securing your email account, visit our Account and Computer Security page.

    Step 3: Choose a New Password

    Change your password to resume using this account, as your former password no longer grants access to any login-protected account service or game. Visit our Password Reset page to begin the password change process.

    Once you’ve regained access to your account, you can add additional security with SMS Protect, a free service that allows you to unlock your account on your own with a few simple steps. For more information, see the SMS Protect FAQ

    Blizzard Entertainment
    Online Privacy Policy
    So I clicked on the Reset password thingy, answered the security question and got a new email
    We've received a request to reset the password for this account. Please click this link to reset your password:
    If you no longer wish to make the above change, or if you did not initiate this request, please disregard and/or delete this e-mail.

    If you have any questions regarding your account, click here for answers to frequently asked questions and contact information for the Blizzard Billing & Account Services team.

    The Account Team
    Online Privacy Policy
    which Im not sure is allright. Anybody can sent me an email which looks like its from Blizzard but I guess only Blizz can close my account...
    Is it really security issue as I have new IP adress and whatever or am I being scammed here?


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    Re: account locked after moving?

    If you are unsure about an email, the best thing is to do "view full header" which should give you a better picture of the email.

    That should tell you who it came from and what route it took to get to you. You can often spot "Blizzard clones" like that.

    If you are unsure then don't click on any links from the email. Go to Blizzard's (or whoever's) site directly from a search window or by typing the url in manually, and go from there. That way you know you started off from the correct site.

    Hopefully someone who has received legitimate emails from Blizzard can tell you something about the text of your email, but I would suggest the above rather than following the link from one email to receive another. I've ignored a number of spoof "confirm your email" mails from Bliz-clones and yet not received one genuine one from Blizzard themselves.

    Good luck.

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    Re: account locked after moving?

    Thnaks Thyiad .)

    Found out its quite a common problem Error 42003.
    Game locks your acount -> you go through the account reset procedure -> account is ok now -> you launch game and it locks your acount -> ...

    Havent googled a working solution yet. Damn, thats bloody annoying :(


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