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    SP - How to save map files


    I wonder if it's possible to keep a favourite map in files? Ex. I copied some needed files, then I changed difficulty hell->norm, coming back to hell again and ofc there's a new map. Then, could I replace this map for older one, saved previously? Does the game a keep map layout in .d2s, .d2x, .ma or .map files? I tried to keep ma0,1,2,3 and .map files but it didn't save the map. I think sb mentioned it was possible, that's why I wonder. Greetz.

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    Re: SP - How to save map files

    This is from the stickies:

    A way to recover lost maps. This should rarely be used and should always be declared. The only acceptable use is for recovering maps which are accidentally lost and if used correctly. Seeds should never be posted or shared.
    Correct use: Inset seed into properties window. Start game. Load character. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME. Quit the game entirely (back to desktop). Clear the seed. Restart and play.

    So as you can see it is possible, but it's against forum rules to keep a map just cause it's a nice map and you may want to use it someday. So be very careful in using it. Or even better: don't use it at all.


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