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    EU ladder - amu, ring and jewel

    Rare amu:

    +2 assa sk
    19 strenght
    15 dex
    @res 13
    pres +7 (total pres 20)

    Rare ring:

    10 fcr
    20 strenght
    22 life
    18 cres
    10 lres fres

    Rare amu:

    +2 baba sk
    1 max dmg
    6% ml
    25 strenght
    11 @res
    +7 fres (total fire res 18)

    Rare jewel:
    lvl req 25
    5 strenght
    21 fres
    -15% req

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    Re: EU ladder - amu, ring and jewel

    1. Rare Amu +2 assa sk/19 strenght/15 dex/@res 13/pres +7 (total pres 20)
    2. Rare ring 10 fcr/20 strenght/22 life/18 cres/10 lres fres
    3. Rare amu +2 baba sk/1 max dmg/6% ml/25 strenght/11 @res/+7 fres (total fire res 18)
    4. Rare jewel lvl req 25 5 strenght/21 fres/-15% req

    1. No fcr, no leech. So what kind of Assassin would use this amulet? I see no value in it, only selfuse.
    2. Fcr ring! Nice str, decent life, ok res. Probably worth a whole bunch of ists, its up to you how many youll manage to collect!
    3. 2BarbSk/6ml/25str/11@ very nice idd. Id like ll instead of ml though. No idea of value, highlords beats this for my own Barb builds.
    4. Im not sure here either! Bring in a lld expert! Maybe AresQL knows better..

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    Re: EU ladder - amu, ring and jewel

    AresQL seems to be disappeared :(

    Anyway, thanks a lot, i really had no idea about the assa amu, the assa is the only char i've never had


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