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    Accummulating posion dmg?

    If I have a weapon that deals 20 posion dmg over 4 sec, and I hit a mob 2 times with 1 sec apart, will I lose posion dmg from the first shot or will that just add to the new one, now dealing 10 dmg pr sec for the next 3 sec instead of just 5? Posion dmg on weapons is my favorite when fighting bosses, but if the second shot cancel out the dmg it's a lot less usefull. Also what about if the merc have posion dmg on their weapons? Will that affect the dmg in anyway?

    Really appriciate some input here as it will make a differance in my choise of gemming my weapons.

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    Re: Accummulating posion dmg?

    Only the strongest poison will effect the target. And if you hit again before the duration is over, youll just refresh the timer.

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    Re: Accummulating posion dmg?

    It's way to complicated poison dmg if u ask me, onderduiker can explain it well though:


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