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    Hello I made a little build that is more viable than some crazy stuff I tried in my days so here goes:

    The Windwolf

    This is a build I had in mind for a fair while ever since there were those Auradins that got good dmg from using dual Dream-runewords together with the synergies that go with the Holy Shock skill. So I tested it today with Hero Editor and I got fun results, did not take much time to pick the 'perfect' gear for it yet, but I have an idea. (the resistances were kind of bad still, that's not my main worry atm, I wanna write this build down right now).

    What is it?
    It's a fury wolf that ideally uses Stormlash as a weapon and has all the synergies for Tornado maxed. (I tested with Horizon's Tornado: already works greatly! I guess Rift runeword is the last option but it is probably too slow for comfort). More about skills in the skill section.


    Prerequisites: 1 pt
    Grizzly: 1 pt (Use it to scout things out up ahead and draw aggro)
    Cyclone Armor: 20 pts (You can actively use this, but it's a pain to change back and forth between Forms)
    Twister: 20 pts
    Hurricane: 20 pts
    Lycantrophy: 20 pts (it's important to max this for Life as I think we're gna have to ignore any kind of Oak/Wolverine Spirit)
    Werewolf: Enough to hit a decent Attack Speed frame, with 50% IAS flail you can leave it at lvl 1 and use the + skills from gear.

    The REST you can put into Fury or Oak Sage in my opinion, we are looking to lower health with our static + CB and finish off with tornadoes anyway so we would only need more points in Fury for Attack Rating purposes.


    Str: 146 with gear (for the ethereal spirit monarch you will use for your CTA switch), find 10 more str to bug your Stormshield on.
    Dexterity: Enough for your weapon, blocking stops our furying (citation needed)
    Vitality: Rest
    Energy: Nothing

    Gear (this is what I would use, of course there will be alternatives which you may point out below)

    I have some standard items I stick to on all my melee builds, but you will see this as we go along. It might be good to get some fhr because we don't wanna get fhr-locked in the crowds and the wolf has quite a short recovery animation, I would try to get 42 or 86%.


    Ideally: Stormlash ('Shael'): Mean Crushing Blow and chance to cast Static (SICK!)
    2nd place: Horizon's Tornado ('Eth')
    Last place just to mention it: Rift Runeword in Caduceus (still too slow)

    On switch: Call to arms Crystal Sword and Ethereal Spirit Monarch (but I never have enough means to focus on this luxury)

    I have deliberately left out the Ethereal options of the above uniques because in my opinion you simply can not find a Zod rune during casual-play. Also if you want to, you can 'Ber' the Horizon's Tornado, but you would better give a Ber to your friend, he will make something more useful with it.


    Ideally: Stormshield socketed with either a perfect gem to fill in that resistance you are missing or 'Um', maybe even 'Shael' to get to the next block rate frame.


    Ideally: Fortitude in the Light Armor of your choice: DAMAGE and some resistances (not sure if we need this raw damage though :o )
    Alternatively: Chains of Honor will help you get much needed resistances and a bit DR%, but you will have to rely on the damage from your Tornado's
    Alternatively: Duress, Resistances and more Crushing Blow
    Alternatively: Shaftstop (when you choose not to use a shield)
    Alternatively: Duriel's Shell, Life + Resistances + cbf
    Maybe: Rain Druid Armor: Chance to cast Cyclone Armor and Twister :O?


    Ideally: Jalal's Mane (upgraded) 'Um', ('Cham') or 'Shael': Resistances, Attack Rating and the skills needed for your Werewolf Attack Speed. Cham's 'Cannot be Frozen' allows you to use a different ring instead of Ravenfrost if you wish to do so.


    Ideally: Thundergod's Vigor: 'What?' I use it on every character, survive more souls plix.
    Possible: String of Ears, Verdungo's (prefer the second as your damage won't be enough to leech from)


    Ideally: Blood crafted gloves with Crushing Blow and Dual Leech, you NEED at least a source of mana leech.
    Why not Dracul's Grasp: Life Tap will override your Decripify (cf. infra) so I would not recommend it.



    1) Angelic's Halo: MOTHERLOAD of Attack Rating (combination with Amulet) + bit of Life
    1) Dual Leech rare or crafted ring with nice mods (when you're going the Metalgrid route)
    2) Raven Frost: I can't live without the 'Cannot be Frozen' on this


    Ideally: Angelic Wings: Another bit of Life, only in combination with its ring: Angelic Halo
    OR Metalgrid: good bit of AR and more resistances + gives room for a Dual Leech Ring


    Ideally: Goreriders: Crushing blow and Deadly Strike
    2nd Place: Goblin's Toe (upped): More Crushing Blow, but no Deadly Strike. If you don't mind slower walking (I don't + you can use Feral Rage to walk faster), you can use these boys.


    - Druid Torch
    - Annihilus
    - Resistance grand charms, Max/AR or shape skillers with life or fhr
    - Max/AR/Life or Resistance/fhr Smallcharms

    (This is much dependent on your needs, I tested without torch and anni, because it is not likely I will acquire these during my casual-play)


    Only one option here: Barbarian mercenary called Wulf or Ulf, he is your best friend! Act 2 mercs are pussies, don't use them.


    Ethereal Legend Sword with Lawbringer Runeword: DECRIPIFY Your tornado's and Fury will do 50% more damage and mobs will do 50% less + be crippled to the point of silly sausage.


    Ethereal bugged 3 Socket armor with Treachery Runeword: More attack speed for more Decripify spamming and chance to cast lvl 15 Fade of course! 60 more resistances and 15% more Damage Reduction for Wulf, that is when he really becomes a kinky bastard!


    (Ethereal) Vampire Gaze, socket with anything you like really, Ulf is immortal with all this stuff.

    Thank you for reading, I have edited this build a few times on the Gauss forums, but I feel like I'm finished. Of course feel free to share your insight and suggestions, but I won't be following this thread to re-optimize every little detail. (There's a lot of 'me' in the build, by which I mean that you can derive my playstyle and play-identity from the item/merc choices (if that even makes sense)).

    Yes it's 2013
    Last edited by Talman; 08-04-2013 at 07:29. Reason: not originally my idea :D

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    Re: Talman's Windwolf

    I know this is a couple of weeks old, but Vox Dei has a patriarch thread in the single player forum with this name and main weapon. He went with dual Carrion Wind's for twister procs!

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    Re: Talman's Windwolf

    Nice build... i also had a similar idea about it, i'm gonna try it

    I love act5 merc, but i think (obviously i'd have to try it first) you will have a low attack rating... blessed aim merc could really help, with a reaper's toll to get decripify.
    In this way you could use metalgrid and raven frost/dual leech ring instead of angelics, also getting a lot more resistance... i would never use a melee char without resistances maxed

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    Re: Talman's Windwolf

    Quote Originally Posted by thefranklin View Post
    I know this is a couple of weeks old, but Vox Dei has a patriarch thread in the single player forum with this name and main weapon. He went with dual Carrion Wind's for twister procs!
    I didn't know, I searched for a similar build, but couldn't find one... I was pretty sure I wouldn't be original with this though, thx

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    Re: Talman's Windwolf

    You forgot to mention Windhammer. There are a bunch of others that did this and a bit better at that.

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