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Thread: WW questions

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    WW questions

    1. Does ias affect ww speed? (not proc rate, I am not playing with tornados)

    Some people say yes but I doubt it. Any math behind this.

    2. Weapon choice.

    I was thinking of a mace in my main hand as it grants chc from weapon mastery and barb mighty weapon for additional 3 fury also from weapon mastery.

    3. Using shield and 1 weapon?

    Any ideas?

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    Re: WW questions

    1. yes it does

    try get a echoing fury as its a really fast 1h weapon being a mace is my advice. shields are so pointless really for barbs.

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    Re: WW questions

    From Bnet post I frequent often about WW and Sprint:RLTW:

    I quoted the appropriate section on WW for you


    1. WW does 145%/3 (48.33%) base weapon damage per tick. Volcanic Eruption rune does 145% * 1.3 / 3 (62.83%) base weapon damage per tick. The damage formula is the same as for tornadoes, just change the 0.2 modifier to 0.4833 or 0.6283 depending on what rune you use.

    2. WW has a 0.13 proc coefficient. The effects are the same as with Tornadoes, but they now have a higher probability (13%) to happen.

    3. WW tick frequency scales with aps the same way tornado tick frequency does, they even have the same breakpoints.

    4. WW fury cost scales with aps in 1.0.5 while it had a fixed fury cost per tick in the previous versions of the game; now the more aps you have the less fury it costs per tick. The fury cost ranges from 3 fury per tick at the lowest aps to 1.634 fury per tick at 4.4472 aps. YouŽll find the average fury cost per tick values on tick frequency breakpoints below (to be done).

    5. When dual-wielding:
    a) WW alternates between weapons to deal damage beginning with the weapon you are about to swing before using WW;
    b) WW tick frequency depends on the weapon you are about to swing not the weapon you swung before using WW;
    c) WW fury cost per tick (for the whole duration of WW until you stop spinning) depends on the weapon you are about to swing before using WW. It does not alternate between the weapons and their individual WW fury cost.
    I have used WW with shield and it works great but hits slower because of the slower attack speed in comparison to Dual-Wield with the inherent +15% ASPD bonus.

    There's even more info with 'tick' rates with different weapons if you check out the link.


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