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    Question Traffic on super luxuary items

    I was wondering what the traffic is on super luxury items. You know the ones that are estimated value of 500mill+

    I ask because I recently found a Witching Hour with 9/9 IAS and 49/50 CD, random roll 42 AR. I asked around and people seem to think it worth a lot but no one can quite put there finger on it.

    I could ask for some outragous price and hope that one day some Bill Gates of the Diablo world rolls around and decideds his alt might be able to use this or I could also low ball the price in hopes of selling it fast.

    What is the general consensus of trading these items in Hardcore?

    The belt in question if anyone is interested.

    P.S. EU Server

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    Re: Traffic on super luxuary items

    oh wow if you manage to sell it your mf carrier is over. You propaply better offering it on some websites like **** (or here). Many bill gates tend to follow **** at least in D2.

    You must be eager to sell it but i suggest patience. If you give it for mere 100m you will run out of gold sooner than you expect and then start to regret selling it so cheaply.

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    Re: Traffic on super luxuary items

    IMO to get an accurate price for this belt, just put no buyout and let the market determine its value.

    From what I heard, EU market is slower (cheaper) than the US market. If US Market, 100m+ easy


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