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    Hammerdin question

    Hi all. I made hammerdin for pvp but instead of teleporting with him I use charge instead because I don’t have good equipment. For some reason people in pvp games on (public games) hate this playing style. Can someone explain me why they react like that?

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    Re: Hammerdin question

    Back when I used to play this playstyle wasn't that much frowned upon. What they don't like is most probably the fact, that such a technique allows you to desynch and lay invisible hammers and hammer fields in general.

    Are duel games still populated in D2? If I couldn't afford enigma I'd most likely use a sorc for duels, teleport is pretty important.

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    Re: Hammerdin question

    There's some dueling still on Bnet. Not much. LLD is really, really down too.

    @OP, it's just pub *****ing, don't listen to them. A good Hammerdin only teleports occasionally for a stomp. Desyncing is the way to go.

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    Re: Hammerdin question

    crawlingdeadman is spot on lol. People just like to complain when you use one of the most effective hammerdin techniques (desynch) even if its not intentional. My advice: keep at it. most of those pubber usually run with shopped items and still havent figured out what namelock is

    GL HF


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