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    Which gear should be improved first ? need help

    This is my character, i know a ton of these threads are made, but ive just gotten the most money ive ever had (2.1 million) and i have no idea where to spend my money.

    Current status - My whirlwind crit for somewhere in between 7- 11k.

    I realize my str. is low, but so is my life so i couldnt find many places to make leeway in that department.

    Im having a hard time figuring out what Whirlwind Tick Breakpoint im at, the whole +attack speed thing. Is there any whirlwind tick calculator that can tell you how much attack speed you need to hit the next point.

    Well any input if anyone can see good points to improve are appreciated !


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    Re: Which gear should be improved first ? need help

    2 mil money is really nothing much you can do to upgrade im afraid if its ingame gold you mean :(

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    Re: Which gear should be improved first ? need help

    For 2 mil you might be better off gambling with the new Archon plans. Depending on how many demonic essences you have (I was able to score 10 in a single act 3 clear). I would buy plans for the strength shoulders and gloves and keep crafting until you make an improvement.

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