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    WD 303k unbuffed dps
    2716 Intelligence
    Critical Hit Chance Increased by 48.5%
    Critical Hit Damage Increased by 384
    Attack Speed Increased by 51%
    552 Vitality

    In game I have 303K unbuffed, on Diablo progress it says 250K unbuffed, The picture is as high as it goes with current gear set. That is with Soul harvest, gruesome feast, and Big bad voodoo (Slam dance)

    Will trade or sell this Wd, Please post inquiries, may add in a video link.
    pm me in game Pks#1961 if you'd like.
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    Re: WD 303k unbuffed dps

    hey im interested i added you in diablo 3 and sent you a message pm me on here if you have any questions


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