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    Please help long time player.

    Hey there everyone, I've been playing D2 LOD since .08 and recently lost my password to my godly account full of mules and my perfect hdin/orb sorc and all the items. I have a friend who's giving me a bunch of HRs and some gear like enigma maras etc later on in the day but I'm in desperate need of a norm nightmare hell rush and can pay once the rush is done. I plan to be a permanent member of the forum and I can also be found on as Niko_K.

    I currently am on US East SC NL and if anyone can help me my username for is OnTopOfItself and my Characters name is ShahitStack.

    Much appreciated whatever help I can get.


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    Re: Please help long time player.!-o

    for rushes and the like.

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    Re: Please help long time player.

    I don't have any NL characters. I delete them all after every ladder season. Been thinking about saving them though.


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