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    Come and join me on PoE

    Hey guys,

    Not sure anyone still checks this forum. I know for me it's few and far between, but in case any of my old friends run across this and are looking for some old-style D2 hardcore gaming, come and visit me on Path of Exile. I ran into a couple guys over there, but so far the Banana contingent has been minimal.

    Check it out. It's free, and seems like the clear successor to the D2 throne. The skill system is fun, challenging and adaptable, though sadly if you die in HC you just move to SC, but that just means you give away a bunch of gear to SC newbs (if you're feeling generous) and start over. They even have regular HC race leagues, with 2-hour, 3-hour, or one week challenges to progress the farthest for all you reset-junkies like myself.

    Hope to see you there,


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    Re: Come and join me on PoE

    Acct name?

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    Re: Come and join me on PoE

    oh snap, TAIIIII

    pm your ign for poe bro


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