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    Re: Why the proposed item changes don't change a thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Mister View Post
    I just had to laugh at this one, I always love when people essentially posit the argument "It's not that X is overpowered, it's just the best option available". It makes me wonder if they never bothered to assess what overpowered actually means- over the existing power curve. FWIW, when I played I played a barb, so I'm not arguing against their class, but it was pretty obvious by their design goals and class goals the barb would end up being the most powerful class. Leading into release, they essentially said they want all classes to be DPS classes, and since the melee classes were getting hit more, they needed more defenses / tanking ability. So Barbs get to DPS just as well as other classes while also being harder to kill. How is that not overpowered? (Note again, for those not paying attention: Overpowered is not synonymous with game breaking. It doesn't mean "broken" or "in need of a nerf" either. It means over the existing power curve, which again, even those arguing it's not OP are quick to admit.)

    It does scale the best, it has passives that allow you to work around the terrible itemization that other classes are forced to endure. The class itself is fine, the problem is other classes do not have passive lifesteal or lifesteal belts with 30% damage reduction built in ontop. This allows a barb to work and fit their gear around. Remember, D3 is a game where once you get 400-500'ish resist which is easily obtainable on the most cookiecutter armor's the game becomes all about DPS and nothing more.

    Blizzard has completely failed with class design in this game and that is being nice about it. The terrible way they designed the other 4 classes just exposes how well designed the Barb is. Diablo III is just a giant dps fest, the game only rewards higher dps, it lacks synergy, big time. If the game is going to just continue being about stacking DPS, nothing is going to change.

    Blizzard needs to get more creative in adapting other classes to fit the game, if the game is about just reaching the next biggest number in the DPS scale, barbs will always stand-out, because of the nature of their design.

    Want more crit? Wield axe or mace in MH
    Need more Lifesteal? you have a passive for that.

    I could go on and on, in a game that is all about max dps and nothing more, Barb will always have the most options. This will always be the case until Blizzard starts to heavily redesign things. It is not surprising Barbs make up the majority of MP10 farmers, they have the most flexibility to attain high dps cheaper than anyone else.

    If D3 wasn't about stacking dps only and there existed 15 or 20 different ways to skin the same handful of demons(thorns builds etc) then the game starts shifting away from dps only matters. It is the most basic rule of any RPG, players will always go the path of least resistance, right now, its barb, it will always be barb until the design focus changes from DPS to a more synergy type of gameplay.

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    Re: Why the proposed item changes don't change a thing.

    I think a good way you make other stats more viable and remove the reliance on crit/cd/as is by making those new stats an either/or stat, meaning you either get crit or you get 2 spirit regen, you either get cd or you get 12-15% increased (multiplicative)damage to resource generator skills, you get AS or you get 25 extra fury/spirit/hatred/mana/arcane power max. There needs to be builds that build off of these improved new stats and itemization otherwise doing so is useless. There needs to be some builds where attacking slowly is desirable, and skills that cannot crit, where it's more desirable to have more base damage instead of crit damage.

    Otherwise like the thread has inferred itemization changes won't matter. I'd love to see a item mod that increases proc chance that isn't centered around whether not a hit is a crit (like cyclones) One of the only examples I can think of off hand is WotHf- Spirited Salvo:

    There just needs to be a host of other skills that build off of improved itemization improvements or it is just going to stay how it is.


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