I hope this is the right forum to ask this question...

A hobby of mine is to play "What if I would be lead designer of Diablko 3 ?!" & write down everything down on microsoft word.

So far I have created 15 classe, around 100 items, a new walkthrough, a new skill & attribute system & class number 16 is in development - it is the dervish.

Sadly I have no more ideas what skills a dervish could use exept whirlwind & a skill that is a mix of cleave & zeal that increases dodge chance while active.

Maybe a kick that causes the dervish to make a backflip.... but than I get out of ideas & inspiration from other games is limited.

Also with utility skills I just have a singe skill called "Extatic Frenzy" which increases movement & attack speed.

Do you have other ideas?