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Thread: Another return

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    Another return

    I reinstalled the game this week, I am glad to find still significant activity in Europe SC ladder, and also here in the forums.

    It is amazing that D2LoD keeps its appeal, after so many years.

    I tried PoE open beta, but it didnt got me interested. I dont even want to talk about D3.

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    Re: Another return

    The biggest community appears to be realm nonladder. Everyone plays ladder to get ladder only stuff and then adds it to their collection when the season ends. There are a ton of nonladder games on realms. But ladder is still going strong too. Welcome!

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    Re: Another return

    Which makes playing ladder a little nicer, less annoying people ;-)

    Also, (in the beginning at least), you won't feel left behind when you start from scratch!

    Ps: feel free to add me *redflux, I've also made a thread in the player-matchup-forum here, if you're looking for a good time just playing, or want a quick boost/items to catch up a little (I don't have godly items, but I'm friendly and helpfull )


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