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I'd like to put a vote in for Perfectionist as well and a secondary vote for Hot Pursuit. I think if you bake in Perfectionist, you just lower the cost of all Discipline skills to reflect the 10% reduction. Hot Pursuit seems to make sense from the lore/traditional thinking of a Demon Hunter.

Ivan, nice work with your list. Some of them seem pretty strong and definitely can enable some different ways of playing the DH.
Thanks. I had this idea around the same time as Flux did and started thinking about changing what passives mean to this game. I actually started thinking about them for all classes, but the DH one is the only one that got to fruition, as it's my favorite D3 class and class archetype (ranged physical) to play. Ideally, a combination of passives, legendaries with unique abilities, and regular affix specialization would lead to a completely different playstyle for each set of passives and gear selected. I don't know if we'll ever get there, but that's what I'm hoping for.