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    New level 60 Wizard -- Looking for direction

    I just got my first character, which is a WIZARD to level 60. I have about 1.5 Million in gold. Going to start farming inferno, and looking to buy off the AH. A few questions:

    What should my priority be at this point in the game? Just farm gold, and sell items I find?
    As far as a build, which are popular these days? I read a lot about CM builds, but the are expensive. I don't want to start buying gear unless I know a good solid build to play online. Any input for veteran wizards in the game? Thanks!

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    Re: New level 60 Wizard -- Looking for direction

    You should look through the Wizard forum and see if you can find some info

    Other than that:
    I'd say your main priority is now to get paragon levels. I'm now Plvl84 and I find a TON of legendary items on MP4-6.
    We're talking anything from 1-8 in 30mins. By now, I consider it bad luck when I don't get at least 1 per run.
    Of course they are worthless most of the time, but most of them can be sold for 500k-1m and that's how you start to get gold in this game. You'll also pick up millions of gold with that kinda Plvl.

    Those godly items worth 100m-40bil drop almost never, but the 100k items drop almost every run.
    Last week I made over 10million without ever selling an item above 1m. So keep that in mind when selling on the AH.

    Try to craft the new items. Only with self-found materials to keep your costs down. Don't spend too much at once and set a limit like "Today I'll craft for 500k max"

    I got to inferno in the pre 1.03 days. I had 14k dps and used Arcane Orb/Venom Hydra. I did nothing but join public games and hoped that the other players would compensate for me. It worked.
    Maybe you can make some high-level friends who toss you their crappy gear they find. There might be an upgrade in it.
    If you want to be credit to the team, use blizzard to slow the mobs for the others.

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    Re: New level 60 Wizard -- Looking for direction

    I can't speak to gearing as I've only played self-found, but I can speak to relatively cheap builds for farming Inferno. My Wizard has worked up to quickly farming MP2 using the following skills.

    Piercing Orb / some of the Spectral Blades runes / Forked Lightning - Piercing Orb is generally the best all-around, but Forked Lightning can clear giant clumps more easily. Spectral Blades (especially Thrown & Healing) are pretty great but might be more risky if you have low survivability.
    Hydra / Blizzard - Some of the runes are clearly worse than some of the others for both of these skills, but having one or both works pretty well as even a primary damage dealer (coupled with a signature from above).
    Arcane Orb - I've found it's best used in conjunction with Hydra to jump your damage capacity up further. Not really a fan of the Arcane Nova or Arcane Orbit runes, but the others are all snazzy.
    Defensive: Crystal Shell / Prism; Wormhole/Fracture. These are pretty bread-and-butter and help with survivability a lot. The cooldowns are pretty short, and with CM (not the build, just the passive) you become even more survivable. Roll with Prismatic Armor until you definitely feel like you don't need it.
    Buffs: Force Weapon / Blood Magic / Sparkflint are all useful if you have an extra skill slot or two, or if you're going Archon and definitely don't want to have multiple other damage dealing skills on your bar. As for Archon itself, it's relatively doable even with cheap/low-quality gear, but I've found that for a given level of gear, the killing speed isn't necessarily faster than Hydra/Arcane Orb or something similar. YMMV. (For Archon, stick with the reduced cooldown, increased damage, or teleport runes.)
    Random other stuff: Mistral Breeze is kinda sorta okay as a damage dealer at points, but I find it's too unpredictable for me to like as much as some of the other damage skills.

    Passives: A lot of the passives are viable and contribute to your effectiveness in various ways. I'd stay away from Temporal Flux, Paralysis, Illusionist, Prodigy, and Conflagration, but the other ones all have their various uses and benefits (even Power Hungry!).

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    Re: New level 60 Wizard -- Looking for direction

    I play as a selffound wizard (paragon 82) so no good AH advice from me.
    I have stuck to Archon and it works good for me. Focusing on pure dps for maximal killing speed

    A few boosters:
    Magic weapon - force weapon
    Energy armor - pinpoint barrier
    Familiar - sparkflint

    Passives: Glass cannon, Evocation and Galvanizing ward

    Go with the templar and equip him with MF! I get 30% MF from him which translates into 10 paragon levels.

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    Re: New level 60 Wizard -- Looking for direction

    There's a Wizard streamer who made a couple of videos on how to gear up a Wizard on a budget. Here are the links:

    Budget Critical Mass
    Budget Archon

    Those are two very common Wizard builds. Critical Mass can be used on all MP levels, and is very useful on higher MP levels as it can stun enemies for long periods of time. The Archon build works at lower MP settings, usually MP 0 or 1, but can clear everything fast. Your goal should be running areas at a difficulty level that you find enjoyable and comfortable. Gather crafting mats and experience, and as you get some Paragon levels, legendaries will become more and more common. If you want to be super efficient, running the Alkiezer run is the fastest way to get levels.

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    Re: New level 60 Wizard -- Looking for direction

    Keep in mind though that CM is the most boring, finger crippling build around.
    I personally enjoyed Archon very much because it isn't as boring, but it's not good for playing in groups because you need the kills/speed you get from playing alone.

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    Re: New level 60 Wizard -- Looking for direction

    Can you share your profile?

    As far as builds go, beginner builds center around kiting. You can combine Blizzard with either Arcane Hydra or Venom Hydra as your primary damage output, and perhaps throw in Piercing Orb as secondary damage for when you don't need to kite.

    As you become more and more advanced and your gear improves, you can go in two separate directions if you want to farm efficiently:

    One is CM/WW which focuses on abusing the Critical Mass passive. You must include Diamond Skin and Frost Nova to keep yourself virtually invulnerable and stunlocking enemy mobs. An essential skill is WW (Wicked Wind), which procs CM like crazy when you land critical hits with it. Additional skills include either Explosive Blast - Chain Reaction or Meteor as heavy damage. To top it all off, you need high critical hit chance, attack speed and high AP on crit to make the build work. And since you'll be fighting constantly at melee range, you'll need a lot of HP and damage mitigation through armor and resistance.

    The other path you can go is Archon, which is a very straightforward build, but requires a lot more sheet DPS to work well. In essence, you want to stack a lot of DPS because you'll be relying strictly on Archon to plow through as many mobs as you can as fast as possible since each enemy killed adds 1 second to Archon's duration. Starting at 15 seconds duration and a 2-minute cooldown, you want to kill a lot. And kill fast. Stats to stack here most importantly are intelligence, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage. Attack speed is also a huge plus as your Archon beam will tick faster. Other than that, any other damage boosters like average damage and elemental damage are huge pluses. Lastly, since you'll be doing so much damage, life steal is highly, highly recommended so you don't get wrecked against Reflect Damage mobs.

    When you get to very high levels, as in high DPS and high EHP, you can combine both CM/WW and Archon together to form the Hybrid Archon build. In this scenario, you plow though mobs as you will as Archon, but since you'll likely be running high MP levels, Archon will most likely never last a full 2 minutes before the cooldown expires. Thus, you will rely on WW and Frost Nova to stunlock enemies while you're out of Archon form and wait for CM procs to refresh Archon so you can repeat the process.

    As for gear to run efficiently, in TL;DR form:

    - intelligence
    - vitality (enough to get to 35-40K HP)
    - armor (4,000+)
    - all resistance (800+)
    - attack speed (attacks per second must be at 2.5, 2.73 or 3.01 for various levels of WW tick speeds)
    - critical hit chance (at least 50% total)
    - AP on crit (at least 18-20)
    - life on hit (400+ minimum with Blood Magic, 800 per 100K DPS is optimal for near guaranteed survival)

    - intelligence
    - vitality
    - all resistance
    - move speed (12-24%)
    - attack speed
    - critical hit chance
    - critical hit damage
    - life steal and/or high life after kill
    - DPS should be at least 100K unbuffed at the lowest MP levels. MP1-3 should feature around 100-200K DPS, MP4-6 should have 200-250K unbuffed DPS, MP7+ should have at least 300K unbuffed DPS.

    Some of these numbers are my personal preferences and the descriptions I've provided above are incredibly broad as there are many other nuances to the builds and stats, but you can see some widely-agreed-upon numbers and stats here:
    CM/WW guide
    General wizard gearing guide


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