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    idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]


    Hello! Just recently started playing this awesome game again and decided i need something, that would provide some real challenge, something exciting, This is what i wanted to do:

    - go hardcore;
    - go untwinked (use just the items, runes etc. that i will find/shop/gamble on my way);
    - go single-pass (not going back to the areas that i have already cleared), complete all the quests and explore all sub-areas (like pits, crypt, drifter cavern, etc.) ;
    - make it on /players 8
    - no esc key to avoid death

    Choosing the hero was really difficult, as i have played many most common hardcore builds for many many times. I thought, bowazon maybe? Yeah, why not? I have really very little experience with bowazons. Thatís one thing that i liked. Right now i just have the basic picture in my head what skills i will use, how iíll spend my stat points, etc. Most things iíll decide later, with the progress in the game. Decided not to waste any time and start the journey, that i wanted to share with you. Hopefully, it will come to idkfa (my bowazons name) becoming a guardian, rather then her death! Right now i just finished act 2. Here, in this thread iíll be posting my progress, with some pictures too, itís my first time doing something like this so i hope everything will be fine. My English is a bit broken, sorry, but hopefully youíll be able to understand what i write.

    Act 1&2 Normal

    First things first - /players 8 and here we go. Grabbed my javelins and went on to kill every damn monster there was. Easily completed Den of Evil quest, and even got my first rare drop Ė a glorious short bow! Bow as a first rare drop, a good sign maybe?

    Getting rid of Blood Raven was not that easy, took a good few minutes to do that. Bought and socketed long bow with 3 chipped gems, also got merc to fight along my side. Slowly, but without much problem progressed to the forgotten tower, where Countess dropped me a tal rune. Also found my first set item:

    Act 1, was really slow, i cleared all the areas, killed probably 99.9% of monsters there was and finally got to the catacombs, where i got my first little scare. Ran in to small room full with dark ones, and 3 or 4 champion shamans that were shooting fire at me and my merc. Got surrounded real quick, lost about 70% of my health, but managed to find a way to run out of there, couple rejuvenation pots were needed. Cleared every single corner on all of catacombs levels and finally reached Andariel. There was no use of merc as she died in about 5 seconds and my damage was low, so the battle took some time. With low damage and even lower mana had to retreat back to town for a few times, but Andy was chasing shadows all that time, never got close to me and i was never in danger. Hereís what she managed to drop:

    So i reached level 20, and was really happy to leave act 1 and get into the desert. Here are my stats and skill trees after finishing act 1:

    At the start of act 2 i hired a new merc, finally will have someone to tank a bit. Gambled him a decent weapon, also a plated belt for more slots, helm and boots with some resistances. After killing Radament i had full stash and inventory of gems. Good thing that the cube is near. Cubed better gems, and upgraded my bow with them and tal rune. On my way through the desert managed to get some more runes and made a stealth armor for some good frw that i was dreaming since the start. Somewhere in Halls of Dead first unique item dropped:

    Meh, could have been better. At level 24 i used 1 skill point in strafe and decoy, alongside ice arrow it made life little more easy. Act 2 was faster that act 1, and i had no real trouble in it. Merc was doing fine and i only had to help him. Cleaning all the tombs required some patience and time, before taking Duriel on. This battle wasnít that hard, merc acted like a real tank, couple runs back to town for mana and here it is:

    So act 2 was finished at level 28 and this is how my stats and skills look like:

    To be continued...

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Woot. Bowazons are the best.

    Nice write-up, and surprisingly high damage for a bowa at the end of Act 2. I hope against hope you're able to find a nice bow for Hell...but I've always had such trouble finding good weapons for physical characters when playing single pass.

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Welcome to the forums! *kicks shins* In amongst my many projects, I'm also doing a single pass, untwinked HC bowa. For me, Bowas are my favourite characters, so the motivation was to actually make one that was a bit challenging. Hopefully we're both making Guardian threads in a little while.

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Welcome! *steals wallet*

    Always love reading about bowa's and you seem to be progressing well, good luck on your journey, and keep us posted.

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Welcome and nice progress so far! Good luck!

    This made me look up 'idkfa'. Doom reference or ?

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Welcome to the forums.

    At least it isn't iddqd

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Welcome to the forums!

    *steals wallet

    Yep. idkfa and iddqd are doom cheats.


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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Yay! Awesome! Very close to my playstyle!

    Welcome and good luck Will keep a close eye on this one!

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    idclip was easily the most fun...

    Welcome to our little addiction support group! Looks like you'll fit right in.

    *steals pants*
    *attaches bunjee cord*

    Now you must stay awhile!

    Also, Duriel kill & no TP scrolls?! Uninstall mods plz

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    Re: idkfa - my bowazons journey [HC, p8, untwinked, single-pass]

    Am I the only one not that familiar with doom?

    Also, good luck


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