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    [EUSCL] PC on Last Wish Phase

    Well, I decided to try my luck and rolled a LW phase on a 15 ED Phaseblade (thanks Archone for it).
    It turned out to be 390 ED (i.e. perfect) and 63 CB.
    How much should it be worth , in theory?

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    Re: [EUSCL] PC on Last Wish Phase

    Wow, nice roll! This is the only rw I never roll actually. There are exceptions.. but they are few!

    Made of 4,5 hr +Mal, this is without thought, the most expensive rw to out disposal! MUST be rolled in a good base, 15ed PB not being the best option, due to low basedmg. But the indestructability and -30 wspeed makes up for it.

    Saying this because Im not sure how easily sold it is. Do tell me how you progress on that point!

    That being said! Id value this at about 9 hrs or more.



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