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    I made a video of mp9 inferno farming in archon build

    my inferno mp9 archon farming video is here

    I use a hybrid archon build, but instead of LL I use wicked wind, and I use glass cannon, pinpoint and blood weapon to buff my dps.

    The video shows my inferno mp9 farming of act3 Bridge, Depth and Arreat Crater II my gear is far from godly, but it shows archon still can do well in mp9 to mp10 !

    My battletag is KDR#1284, add me if you want to farm together

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    Re: I made a video of mp9 inferno farming in archon build

    I believe you and I may have different definitions of the term "godly." I'd say your gear looks pretty sweet. It's a nice video but I wish you would have shown your gear/build a bit more (although the links to the profile work). If no one has said it already, welcome to the forums. My buffed dps is less than half of yours in archon (~180k) and I was comfortably farming MP2. I never even considered using it for much higher than maybe MP4. Do you run pretty much the same setup for ubers (hybrid) or do you go for more of a full CM?

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