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    Hoping to form a 1.13d FAM group


    I'm looking for some other people looking to start fresh characters and play through the game together. I only use RWM and GoMule. Would prefer SC over HC, but could be talked into HC if all else fails. Hoping to play over Hamachi and would like to get anywhere from 3-8 people to play together. Haven't been able to find a group yet on this forum. Don't mind playing twinked chars, but I'm just starting up so don't really have gear to pass down to a new char anyway. It's the weekend so hopefully there are some people dropping by the forums that would like to play today or tomorrow for some time and then we can figure the rest out after that.

    I guess just reply here so we can get a sense of what the group will be and then we can get into a network to play together.

    Edit: I'm planning on making my first HC char. Anyone who is interested in starting a new char with me, or just playing in general I have a lot of free time right now, so either send me a pm or post here and we can hamachi this thing.
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    Re: Hoping to form a 1.13d FAM group

    I have no intention of joining anyother group than maybe the other thread that is going on now. However, if you want to MP you should connect to one of our hamachi networks, as there's often somebody on and willing to play.

    I just made a new network and you and anybody else are welcome to join at fredoferik3 /// fredoferik3

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    Re: Hoping to form a 1.13d FAM group

    i just started a new hc char as well i just made a hamachi server DojaBuds////buds join if youd like to play i also have alot of time on my hands due to the fact that im on house arrest


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