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    Re: Crafted Item Show Off Thread

    Ask and ye shall receive Muggs, btw i was thinking the same thing when looking through the 'showoffs'
    Monk's crafted trifecta amulet.jpg
    This was my first great craft which thankfully i git in under 50 attempts. I tried to craft a gloves version of this but after over 300 attempts i still haven't even wielded a trifecta. i hit plvl 100 yesterday so started working on my barb next and 3 gloves crafting attempts in and i got my second better then Viagra item...
    Barb's crafted trifecta gloves.jpg...instant wood!

    As for Hellfire rings my best for each mainstat are
    Best Hellfire - Int.jpgBest Hellfire - Str.jpgBest Hellfire - Dex.jpg
    All 3 are pretty good but nothing to brag about(unlike my other 2 items ) and I'm still hoping to upgrade each one of the Hellfires.

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    Re: Crafted Item Show Off Thread

    I have yet to craft a trifecta, damn those things are elusive!

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    Re: Crafted Item Show Off Thread

    My current gloves, and bracers and of course the curse of wrong resist, for one with everything on the below.

    Why did they have to not be fire resist =(

    319 dex, 90 int, 150 vita, 32 arcane, 5 crit bracers
    'the 4 cold shoulders of hell' =(
    215 dex, 69 int, 171 vita, 37 cold, 73 AR, 297 regen
    71 str, 223 dex, 72 vita, 50 cold, 80 AR, 11% life, 152 armor
    83 str, 261 dex, 70 vit, 27 cold, 80 AR, 149 armor
    110 str, 207 dex, 92 vita, 53 cold, 79 AR, 7 increased pickup radius

    My scoundrel uses that ammy. pretty awesome.

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    Re: Crafted Item Show Off Thread

    Crafted my best Hellfire ring this morning... and just what the Dr. ordered as it's my first Vita/Dex ring (and what I was hoping for).

    Eschew obfuscation!


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