nice thread. i bought diablo 2 in the day when it was released becouse i was shortly played diablo 1 and liked it. back in my days internet accesses weren't so common and i didn't have also. so i didn't know about forum and thus game knowledge was nonexistent. so my skill and stat choice were kind a lottery. i ended up build three barbarian around bash and stats i allways spreaded equally. so for example i had as much str as mana and so on. no wonder why game felt so difficult. got bash barbarian to act 3 hell eventually but gave up becouse it started to felt super hard. also remember when friend who started playing same time than me had enormously problems beat normal duriel with necromancer.

nowadays internet is full of information about diablo 2 mechanisms and you can simply look at some guide how to make perfect build and therefore everyone has same hammerdin.