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    Re: Ender's Mafia Game

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Pharphis for hosting.

    The next game's theme will be based on the Dungeons and Dragons rpg game Baldur's Gate. I will put up the sign up thread for the game sometime within the next couple of days, here in the SPF.

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    Re: Ender's Mafia Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaihir View Post
    1) Agreed, I thought it was a very good touch. Gave the mafia a good reason to actually recruit the spy, as it doesn't waste a NK. Also puts in possibilities of a bus or miskill by the spy.

    2) :P Eavesdroppers are evil.

    3) ...yikes. A bulletproof, semi investigative immune (eavesdropper immune, partial cop immune, jailkeeper works) SK. That is very, very powerful. In general, it seems like SK's come up as anti-town to cop, so that could have been pretty confusing.

    Yeah, you jumped the gun a bit. Calling me out in thread with CAPS demanding the vote was not a good move, even if the SK had not been around. As mafia, even if you think you have it, play cautious until the mods says you won. Might have been able to win without that if Val had not figured out that we were the last 2 mafia. I probably should have not voted after your demand, but I thought the connection was so obvious at that point our only chance to win was if the SK killed me and we killed him that night.

    Shows the strength of an eavesdropper to mess with mafia chat that you didn't realize there was an SK. I was going off that assumption, but I pretty much stopped trying to put anything of use in the thread as soon as we saw the eavesdropper (Side note, if it was a bus driver misdirecting our kills, we still likely would have gotten flips from the new target- not kill:fail).
    The thing was, no one even mentioned that little outburst of mine. It seemed SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO obvious yet everyone glazed over it. I was mystified.

    Good points though. Next time I'm not going to try and rush anything because there's always that little uncertainty with extra scare PR's running about.

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    Re: Ender's Mafia Game

    Nice win winners and thanks for hosting phar.

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    Re: Ender's Mafia Game

    I am so incredibly frustrated that Noodle won, & I should have killed him...

    Thanks for hosting Pharphis & congrats to Val, and Noodle! Two neutrals winning is a bit unusual, to say the least.


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