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    WW barb needs gearing advice

    Hey guys new WW barb here i've geared my barb but he isnt clearing mobs as fast as i think he would, makes me think i need to re-think my gear.

    Is my str too high and crit chance too low? Any advice on what i should replace ?
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    Re: WW barb needs gearing advice

    yes i would say 20.5% crit chance is kinda low, double that least and more str cant hurt really try change the leg axe it sucks with a rare instead if u can afford with socket. It looks like you focused more on vitalty and resistance which isnt bad but main focus should be always high damage as possible otherwise whats the point having alot of life when you cant kill fast enough.

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    Re: WW barb needs gearing advice

    One thing that I see... You have an IK belt with Cleave boast and you have Bash as active skill...?
    And yes, as said, give those weapons a socket with a nice juicy Emerald in it


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