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    Looking for a small group (1-3 players) to restart on Hardcore.

    Hey all, as the title states, I'm looking for a few people to play Hardcore mode with.

    I'm going to be out of work for a month or two due to an injury, and my eye spotted a game I used to love and enjoy playing. I'd prefer to use Battle.Net as to prevent cheating, as I would like to get as far as possible untwinked. I have extensive Diablo 2 knowledge and am excited to get back into the game. I logged into the however, and it seems as if no matter what realm you play games are flooded by bots/can't find consistent players to group up with. I honestly would rather play with a few dedicated players, on hardcore, starting from scratch, and getting as far as we can together.

    Now that doesn't mean you are restricted to play only when I play, however item sharing/trading should only be done within the group. If someone is offline and you would like to do 100 countess runs in hope of finishing up a low-med runeword in order to help the group, go for it. I for one am hopeful I can find at least one person who would be willing and dedicated to having a serious go at it. I have played hardcore in the past, and the furthest I made it was level 82 in hell.

    Moreover, with a trustworthy individual I might be open to the idea of playing via hamachi, as we would have access to ATMA/GoMule and be able to /players8 (I believe) and make the game even more challenging yet rewarding.

    If anyone would seriously be up for it, we should definitely get together! Like I said I'm looking for 1-3 people, as anymore than that people would start leaving the group anyway, and would not be dedicated to the group (in my experience).

    Leave me your thoughts/concerns or let me know if you'd simply be up for it! I am looking forward to hearing from someone.

    EDIT: Also I am looking to start ASAP, as in today or tomorrow, so quick responses would be appreciated!~

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    Re: Looking for a small group (1-3 players) to restart on Hardcore.

    Check your pm mate

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    Re: Looking for a small group (1-3 players) to restart on Hardcore.


    I am also looking to a regular group of player in order to have fun in the game.
    For this I have build a forum to concentrate the requests.
    I am available the evening during the week.

    I have planned a game next tuesday in SC/LAD, name="Chroniques".
    This game are played in advance to build the D2 community based on which will automatically promote the project

    Stryder II

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    Re: Looking for a small group (1-3 players) to restart on Hardcore.

    Hey man always looking for people to game with I sent a pm!


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